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Armagh Computer Repair work to do exactly what we say “computer repairs”.

We fix all problems that can affect your computer whether it is a PC, laptop, notebook, desktop, workstation, server or games console. We repair any kind of hardware fault from a broken screen, DC power jack, keyboard, CPU or hard drive.

We can replace any hardware like power supplies or cables.

We can upgrade hardware like memory or hard drives.

We repair all makes and models of desktop and laptop computers regardless of where they were originally purchased. This includes Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Sony and HP (Hewlett Packard) computers.

As well as hardware we take care of all software problems from operating system installs to virus removal.

Upgrades – Install more memory or a larger hard drive.
Slow Computer – Locate and fix bottlenecks slowing your computer.
Blue Screens – Random crashes, windows doesn’t start.
Hardware Troubleshooting – Computer doesn’t turn on, shuts off, or reboots.
Virus and Spyware Removal – Remove & proactively block computer viruses, spyware, and adware.
Computer Tuneup – Dust removal, software updates, and hard drive defragmentation.
Software Troubleshooting – Analyze symptoms to fix application and driver crashes.
Wireless Networking (WiFi) – Installation, extend wireless range, and setting up encryption.
Operating System Install – Installing Windows XP or Windows Vista.
Networking – Share your printer and files with other computers.
Install Gadgets – Troubleshoot devices such as your camera, blackberry or scanner.
On-site/In-shop service – We make house calls or you can bring the computer to us.


You can drop off your computer or we can pick it up. We are your one stop shop for computer repair services.